Composer, producer, technologist and educator


Music, Mathematics and Programming

An introduction to musical applications of computer programming through concepts at the intersection of music and mathematics


Confluence (2020)

for flute, clarinet, violin and cello with live electronic processing
performed by Hub New Music


Crossroads (2020)

for bass clarinet, marimba and live electronics
commissioned and performed by Transient Canvas


GB (2017)

for double bass and electronics
performed by Sebastian Gramss and Teerath Majumder



Mouno Shonchar (2021)

an EP of interpretations of traditional Bangla songs
performed by Sabrin Kriti, Niloufar Shiri and Jiryis Ballan

Panchil Topke (2020)

a collaboration with Taraga
performed by Taraga and Teerath Majumder

Repeat After Me (2021)

produced for a dance piece by Lisa Allin


Mothership Calling (2021)

software design for an immersive sound installation
concept and composition: Nicole Mitchell