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Composer, designer, technologist and educator


Space Within (2022)

producer, composer, sound, interface & software designer; a concert of interactive music challenging and reshaping conventional roles in a concert setting; featuring a quartet of musicians and a fifty-member audience; interactive objects and custom software programs facilitate and mediate audience participation; performed by JoVia Armstrong, Matthew Nelson, Prawit Siriwat and Teerath Majumder

A Shot in the Dark (2023)

composer & sound designer; a theatrical immersive multimedia piece by Qianru Li critically examining Asian-American identity through a personal and intellectual engagement with the killing of Akai Gurley in 2014 and the racially motivated tensions that ensued
[Stereo mix samples] (o
riginal mix is 6-channel)

Mothership Calling (2021)

software & sound designer; an immersive sound installation by Nicole Mitchell exploring Black Joy through an Afrofuturist lens

Intonation (2019)

software & sound designer; a system of virtual instruments designed and tuned to the body and movement of a dancer to allow them to initiate and affect sonic events using Mugic® sensor along with a musician

Total Running Time (2022–23)

software & audio system designer; an immersive multimedia installation dealing with disability, imprisonment and surveillance. The work utilizes transducers to excite wall surfaces inviting patrons to take part in a sonic, visual and haptic experience.
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Crossroads (2020)

composer & software designer; a piece commissioned by the bass clarinet-marimba duo Transient Canvas exploring electronic cross-modulation; performed by Transient Canvas

Confluence (2020)

composer & software designer; a piece for pierrot ensemble-minus-piano exploring electronic cross-modulation; performed by Hub New Music

GB (2017)

composer; a piece of guided improvisation for double bass and electronics; performed by Sebastian Gramss and Teerath Majumder

Mouno Shonchar (2021)

producer, arranger, programmer & recordist; an album of interpretations of traditional Bangla songs; exploring cross-cultural approaches in recontextualizing their text and using creative sound design as a mode of word-painting

Repeat After Me (2021)

producer, programmer & composer; a piece exploring electronic dance music in the context of contemporary movement

Panchil Topke (2020)

producer, programmer & composer; a project with Bangladeshi artist Taraga exploring modes of collaboration through electronic manipulation of each other's sound materials

Walk Through Eden (2019)

producer, software designer & composer; a generative piece investigating degeneration and the perception of distance in both space and time

Music for Dance

Underwater (2022)

producer & composer; fixed media electronic piece for choreographed movement; exploring polyrhythmic texture formation in sync with movement parts, and game-like narrative development; choreography by Kelly McGill

Entropy and the Absurdity of the Universe (2016)

producer & composer; fixed media electronic piece for choreographed movement; examining perception of time through linear and non-linear arrangement of recorded events passed through electronic effects-processing; choreography by Himangini Puri

Striae (2017)

producer & composer; fixed media electronic piece for choreographed movement; an attempt to draw contours consisting of straight lines through sound and movement; choregraphy by Himangini Puri

Music/Sound for Film

Domestic Bliss (2017)

composition, programming & sound design; an experimental short film reminiscing on the creator's personal relationships in both childhood and adulthood, and how they speak to each other; written and directed by Charlotte van de Graaff

Glitter and Be Lit (2017)

composition; an experimental short film commenting on the relations between self-image, mental health and the makeup industry through a humorous caricature of the makeup video trope; written and directed by Charlotte van de Graaff


Space as Instrument

An in-depth examination of the technical, aesthetic, social and political roles space plays in various fields of sonic arts and daily life through spatial creativity

Music Production and Sound Design

Music, Mathematics and Programming

A comprehensive introduction to DAW-based audio production focusing on content creation, digital processing and workflow

An introduction to musical applications of computer programming through concepts at the intersection of music and mathematics

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